Friday, November 2, 2007

My Virtual Walk Is Over

My Gal just finished her trek across the United States!! When I last looked the Gal to Gal foundation had raised about $104,183 dollars!!! They are going to extend the walk beyond Oct. so there is still time to contribute. Log onto and donate just $5.00 to help stage IV breast cancer patients.


Sasha said...


This does not really have anything to do with Fridays blog, but I was wondering what cleaning products you use? Do you use natural products? I am trying to go more earth friendly, but am such a germ-a-phobe that I just can't seem to give away my lysol and clorox. Also, what are your thoughts on microwaves? Have you ever read the book "Natural Cures" by Kevin Trudeau. Very interesting way of thinking!
Just wanted to pick your brain.
love to you,

Sabina said...

Hi Sasha,

No, I am not familiar with "Natural Cures" - but I'll check it out.

I must admit that though I do use eco friendly cleansers where ever I can (dish detergents, etc.) I still use clorox or bleach based products as well. I've never found a real substitute but I am open to trying new things and am always on the hunt.

Sabina ~

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