Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Going Green For the Holidays

I was looking over the "2007 Gift Guide" at and found a great resource for "sustainable caviar" at The Little Pearl. I'm not a big caviar buyer but I do love it now and again. I have this wonderful mother of pearl serving set - small bowls and spoons for each person and a large bowl to serve the caviar in (as shown below). I can't wait to use them once again on New Years Eve!! As part of my endeavor to go green (as much as possible) resources like treehugger really help out.

Here is a little excerpt from their site -
* Our caviar is best in class from sustainable fisheries and environmentally sensitive farms
with pristine water and wild shrimp for feed that produces unparalleled tasting caviar.

* The Little Pearl is a member of Seafood Choices Alliance, Slow Food and the Edible Communities.

* Our growers employ best management practices to maximize the welfare of the fish and quality of caviar and fillets.

*Our rigorous product selection process investigates the quality of caviar, its availability year-round for freshness, the sustainability of fisheries, water source quality, and caliber of production managers and master salters.

(My Caviar Serving Set)
Serving - The large mother of pearl bowl is placed in a larger bowl of ice with the caviar inside. I also place the small bowls alongside in the ice to keep the small bowls cool (this isn't necessary but I like to assure the caviar will be kept at the right temperature). Each person dips out the caviar with their small spoon into the small bowl. I have heard it isn't necessary to use mother of pearl or glass to serve but to me it wouldn't be the same without it.

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Lisa said...

Hi Sabina,
I was checking comments and saw you posted to me. Thanks! We have the same type of mother of pearl serving pieces here for caviar. I crave having them, although they only come out for special occasions- I adore the small spoons. My youngest sometimes gets to eat with it. shes so spoiled!
Have a great day!

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