Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Dad - AKA Papa

(Me - Age 5)

There is a magical time when most little girls think their dads can do anything and that is how I saw my dad. He was the master of anything that needed fixing or building and prepared for any kind of emergency. I loved to help him - whether it was building a fence, working on our boat, or fixing the dishwasher. I would hang around just waiting for the chance to hand him a specific tool or run to get him a cool drink.
When I was 5 years old my dad would put me on his lap and let me drive the family car into the garage. This was not only thrilling but very empowering. When I turned 16 he took me to a large empty parking lot and taught me to drive the stick shift on my new car. After I had mastered the basics he told me to head for a busy street - I hesitated thinking maybe I wasn't ready - but he told me - "yes you are" - and away we went. Moments like those with my dad helped shaped my trust in myself.
Another thing about my dad that I've always appreciated is that he is a very sentimental man and not afraid to show it. When he tells the story of how he met my mom (bagging her groceries when he was only 18) and that she was the "prettiest girl he'd ever seen" there is still a twinkle in his eye. What more could any daughter ask for.
I love and admire you dad more than I can ever express and appreciate all the sacrifices you've made through the years. Thanks for everything!!
Happy Fathers Day!!!
Love you,
Bean ~
P.S. My sister has a great tribute and photo of our dad at her blog Magic Mirror.


love.boxes said...

I just love reading this lovely tribute to your father Sabina! Thanks for sharing that!

Sabina said...

Thanks for coming by Tiffany :)

Anonymous said...

Your are so adorable!!!


Hope your summer is off to a good start.

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