Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday's Photos - Farewell to domino


As most everyone has heard by now domino magazine is no more. March 09 will be the last month it will be available. It was my absolute favorite magazine, and I will miss it very much. I always had a copy with me where ever I went, and even though some of the styles were different from my own, I always appreciated the creativity, and beauty found within it's pages.
Here is one such spread - a house tour of J.Crew creative director Jenna Lyons is a study in unexpected contrasts that bring a new definition to elegance!!




Content in a Cottage said...

I wonder if they will move to an online version or will it just be gone forever? I don't subscribe but enjoy the wonderful photos from Domino that I see in various blogs. I know several women who say it's the only magazine they get. A sign of the times but such a shame.

Have a great weekend, Rosemary (wearing red today).

Fifi Flowers said...

There are a couple blogs that trying to get Domino to continue as an online magazine... for more info... visit my blog and I have a link to it!
BEAUTIFUL post... I will miss it too... I started a subscription when it began and I have all the magazine still... NOW I definitely will not part with them!
ENJOY your day!

Sabina said...

It would be great if they continued with an online mag - I will visit your site and cheer on this idea!! Thanks Fifi!!

Honeygo Beasley said...

There was a great article in yesterday's NY Times on the farewell of this much-enjoyed magazine. It's sad to see it go. Have a good weekend, Sabina!

jenjen said...

I loved that home and the magazine too. It is sad. Many of the magazine I love have gone under this year.


Anonymous said...

I never heard of it so hence never subscribed.. But these photos are lovely and I can see why those of you who subscribed will truly miss it.

The Blue Ridge Gal

Claire, said...

It is too bad, so sad.

belleandboo said...

oh my goodness why oh why?
we don't get Domino here in the UK but I really enjoy looking at the photos featured on blogs, it looks like a beautiful magazine, what a shame.

Melissa said...

It seems like all of my favorite magazines are going away. It's very sad, indeed. In economic times like these, we need magazines to inspire us for better times.

My hope is that they will come back or at least new magazines will take their place.

annechovie said...

Yes, Sabina, I share your disappointment! Domino was unique and will be missed by a lot of people. Have a great Sunday!

wild child said...

This is the 4th of my favorite magazines to go - so sad :( Some of them, like Country Home, I had subscribed to for many, many years and will miss them like old friends. Wow... sure would be great to see them online still - what a terrific idea.

Hope you had a great weekend Sabina! Thanks for your comment on my blog!

Meg :)

Ashley L. said...

I'm still in disbelief! Its too good to leave newsstands so soon! I'm really bummed!

ps. J. Crew is the love of my life right now. I'm going to do a post related to J. Crew soon :)

Beautiful post!

Liz said...

This makes me so sad. Doesnt it seem like the most unique magazines seem to be tanking here lately? In the end we're only going to have BHG left... maybe that's thier masterplot. :(

Julia said...

Very sad. It will be missed

No.35style said...

i had just started subscribing to domino back in the fall and loved this spread on jenny lyon's those floors, bedroom, bathroom, etc..i'll miss this magazine, but i will miss cottage living more!

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