Thursday, July 23, 2009

Just a Yellow Bobbed Tailed Cat


Peewee circa 1978
Have you ever lost a pet that was very dear to your heart? One that no matter how many years had passed you still thought about and missed. I once had just such a pet/friend. He was a yellow bobbed tail cat named Peewee. You may have seen him mentioned in the "Barefoot In The Orchard" side bar.

When I was 8 years old my neighbors cat had kittens. Now, for quite a long time I had been asking for a dog. Each year, on my birthday, when I blew out the candles, this is what I wished for. I had it all planned - I would teach it lots of tricks, and it would greet me each day when I got home from school. I even had the name all picked out, but year after year - no dog. So when my neighbor (who was my mom's best friend) invited me over to see her new kittens I couldn't resist and immediately wanted one. I noticed that one of the kittens did not have a normal tail - just a little stub like you would see on a bobcat. I immediately went home and began begging for this cat. It took some convincing, but finally my parents said yes. When he was old enough I brought him home, and treated him like he was my new baby. I also treated him like he was a dog. I had checked out a book from the school library, and found that cats could be trained to do lots of things just like dogs. After just a little coaxing, and a lot of bologna, I had taught him several un-cat-like tricks and he did them all happily.
16 years passed as we grew up together, but just as I was getting ready to begin my life as an adult, his came to an end. And still after all these years I think of him and our time together, and all the fun we had. How he followed me wherever I went, licked my nose (to my parents and family friends delight) and even waited for me each day at the mailbox to return from school. He was such a great friend and confidant - especially on those days when things weren't going so well. I guess he always knew just how much I loved him. So when I hear or know of someone with a close bond with their pet - I completely understand just how irreplaceable and loved that little friend is to them, and I am reminded of a certain chubby, cute, yellow bobbed tail cat named Peewee.


Piecefulafternoon said...

What a touching tribute to a good cat friend. I still think I see Miss Kitty sitting by the rocking chair in the living room some days.

Honeygo Beasley said...

Sabina, hi!

Our Chloe is like a cat sometimes the way she curls up against my body or legs.

Your Peewee sure was an adorable creature - very pretty!

What a lovely story ~ you are fortunate to have had Peewee in your life. Cat or dog - does it really matter? It's the bond that counts.

Have a lovely rest of the day...night!

Cindy (and Chloe)

Stacey said...

oh... it's Peewee... I love Peewee. That's a great picture... remember the trio for a while. It was Peewee, Scooter and Simon.

As if I was not crying enough already last night... now you have me in tears again.


Sabina said...

Hi Sta,

I took that photo with the camera I got for my 16th birthday - my Pentax K-1000 - which I sold many years ago. He's chillin' on the mantel in our livingroom.

I have so many great photos of Peewee but this one was always my favorite.

P.S. I cried too.

annechovie said...

What a sweet story, Sabina. Hope you have a great wknd.

Simply Mel said...

One of the sweetest and most loving stories I have ever had the fortune to read...thank you for sharing this with us. I love animals so much, and right now, I have my dearest 12-year-old pug snoring in my lap. Life is so good with her by my side.

Here's to always keeping the happy memories of Peewee alive.

wild child said...

Oh Sabina..... I loved, loved, loved this post about your precious Peewee! I adored seeing his photograph too! The whole thing just melted my heart ❤ Aren't our animal friends the best friends ever? Bless them!

Megan :)

Krissy said...

beautiful tribute dear. peewee was adorable

Linda Lou said...

Well I am a huge cat lover so of course I loved this story about Peewee....i have had my cat Sunshine, a big fat orange cat for almost 14 years and we have a special bond, so I know the day he goes up to kitty heaven will be a sad one indeed-thanks for sharing your story with us.

Jen Kershner said...

What a dear, sweet kitty. I have had a few animals in my life like that and am blessed to have some right now. I cherish every day I have with them.

ambika said...

What a beautiful post. & so true.

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