Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year 2010!!


I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season!!
All of our decorations are safely packed away - except for the beautiful little holiday clock my mom gave me. It's still chiming out Christmas tunes on the hour. The sound it makes is delicate and sweet and I can't seem to give up those lovely tunes just yet. The pine needles have been vacuumed up for the last time - all ten million of them - and I've made my resolutions. I always love making them each year - even though by the end of January most are history. This time of year has a powerful effect on me and gives me such optimism and a much needed burst of energy!!
Happy New Year 2010!!


Eric @ said...

Happy New Year to you, Too! All my x-mas lights, all 10,000,000,000 of them are safely stored in their proper tubs in the attic.

Krissy said...

Happy New Year!

Content in a Cottage said...

Sabina, I thought all my Christmas decorations were packed away too as of Friday but I keep running across things I missed. All of those items are being placed in a special box. Happy New Year. Welcome back. I've missed you. xxoo Rosemary

jenjen said...

Happy New Year Sabina! My house is mostly cleaned up. It makes me kind of sad, but the promise of a new year is a powerful thing! I hope 2010 is a wonderful year for you and yours!


Linda Lou said...

Happy New Year Sabina-hoping your dreams come true and life is wonderful in 2010 for you and your family!

Megan Walker said...

Sigh... thanks for this sweet post Sabina. I just needed to hear your simple words today.

And I loved the pic of Happy New Year written in the sand, even though I detest sand - lol :)

Happy New Year, my friend! xoxoxo

Kim G. said...

Happy New Year Sabina!!

Raru said...

WB and Happy New Year :))))

Have a great day,

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