Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tub Time


Many, many years back when I joined the Army Reserves (for extra college money) and I headed off to Basic Training -- I did not know that one of the things I would miss so terribly was my bathtub! I will never forget that when I finally had leave to go off Post for the weekend I headed for the nearest hotel and a long soak, in a warm bubble bath. :)
FYI - there are many health benefits to a good, long, hot bath. It relaxes muscles, calms your mind, detoxifies, moisturize, and stimulates circulation. Not to mention the psychological benefits of taking time to relax and unwind!! And while your at it light a few candles and make yourself a cup of herbal tea. I sometimes even watch a movie. ;)

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Above Information via Martha Stewart Whole Living and the photos are courtesy of Jupiter Images.


Raru said...

Wow... nice post... I love bubble bath too :)))


Krissy said...

Tub tea! Sounds amazing...

dining room table said...

I love spending my time in the bubble bath! It is so relaxing!

M.Kate said...

Hello Sabina :) I have missed popping over here...and in the previous house we owned, we had a bath tub. BUT, not anymore in the current house and yes, I do miss it a lot...nothing like lounging there for the longest time, also to ensure it's locked so no kids can bother me haha :)

Simply Mel said...

Sabina ~

A day cannot fully end properly without a lovely soak!

Have a great weekend!

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