Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Memories, My Daughter and One Vintage Dress


The other day I was going through and organizing a couple of large chests filled with childhood memories - much to my two girls delight. There was my prom dress, my sparkly baton twirling outfit, tap shoes, my 1976 red, white and blue Speedo bathing suit (that I just HAD to have), along with many other odds and ends -- dolls, love letters from my 4th grade boyfriend (who never even held my hand but thought he was in love with me - lol). But one thing immediately caught my 12 year old daughters eye -- a beautiful dress from the mid 70's, still fresh looking after all this time, and lovely under-slip (the kind you never see any more). I had worn this floor length dress when I was just her age. I can still remember my mom taking my sister and I to this little children's clothing boutique and buying us both matching outfits for some party we were all attending. I think I only wore it once, but I always loved it and now so did my daughter. She begged me to try it on... and when she walked out wearing it...her eyes just beamed. Can I wear it for Thanksgiving, she asked. My mind raced -- what if she spills something on it, what if this, what if that. After a slight hesitation... yes, I said, it looks amazing on you. So now it is at the dry cleaners waiting for one happy little girl to wear it, twirl in it, and feel special in it. Maybe someday she will have the chance to share that same dress with her 12 year old daughter.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone...filled with family , love, gratitude and lots of good food!!!
P.S. I will try to post a photo from our Thanksgiving of her wearing the dress as soon as I can. ;)
(Above photos courtesy of Jupiter Images)


Dancing Branflake said...

A photo would be such a treat! By your description alone I get chills. A very precious story.

Krissy said...

yes, I'd love to see the photo! Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Paula said...

Sabina, this sounds like a really gorgeous treasure chest (and I love that you popped some Speedos in there too). Would love to see a photo x

Simply Mel said...

Oh Sabina ~

I cannot wait to see photos of your beloved daughter in this dress! What a treasure for all...

Happy Thanksgiving!

annechovie said...

I'd love to see the photo, Sabina!
Happy Thanksgiving. xx

Megan Walker said...

Oh Sabina - how did I miss this precious post!? I just *loved* it! How wonderful that you kept all your special things and have them all together where you can visit them and enjoy them... and share them with your daughters :) I hope you had a very lovely Thanksgiving, and I can't wait to see photos!


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