Thursday, January 9, 2014

Road Testing a Gluten-Free Pasta Recipe with My Daughter

When I announced to my daughter Faith that I had found a great recipe (via Gluten Free Girl and the Chef) for a gluten-free pasta and I needed to get a few things for it from the store -- she asked if she could make it with me. I then told her that I was making it without a pasta machine or food processor and I saw her eyes light up. You see, my almost 16 year old girl is obsessed with all things culinary. So we wrote up our shopping list and off we went in search of flours we have never even heard of and I reminded her that this was going to be my first time making pasta entirely by hand too.

As far as the recipe goes, even my very picky 13 year old, pasta crazy boy cleaned his plate. We opted for our favorite tomato sauce and goat cheese sprinkled on top. We also made a few raviolis by hand and stuffed them with goat cheese. Making it completely by hand is certainly not easy but we both did pretty well with the dough. It was a lot of work but delicious! Faith approached it as a bit of a competition, that is her nature -- lol. We both made separate batches of dough and honestly, her pasta was better than mine, as she took much more time and effort than I did. We turned the music up, laughed and danced and ate all that lovely pasta!!

Note: I will definitely use the recipe again but will opt for some more modern ways to cut and roll out the dough. ;)


I won't post the recipe here but I will send you over to where I found it. There is much more helpful info and photos I don't want to deprive you of if you are interested in trying it.

Recipe Website :

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