Wednesday, July 8, 2015

July, What's In Season ~ Northern Washington State

Here it is July already and I haven't sat down to write a post for barefoot in the orchard since February. I truly underestimated how busy I would be and honestly, how much time I would be spending just learning how to get from here to there. It was such a big move for us. New schools, new jobs, new home, new everything. But I am not complaining... not one bit. :)

I've discovered many wonderful farmers markets and local produce stores in and around the Seattle area. This beautiful state has rugged snow capped mountain ranges in every direction, miles and miles of farmland, waterways around every bend and of course, a few volcanoes. I absolutely love living in a temperate rain forest - but truth be told there has been a lingering heatwave as of late and it has felt like I never left California. ;) 

Waiting for the lovely moderate temps to return.

Washington State ~ Fruits and Vegetables


























•kotata berries









Note: Above photos copyrighted to Sabina DeShazo and barefoot in the orchard.

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