Wednesday, August 15, 2007

We Are Our Choices (to borrow a line from Jean-Paul Sartre)

Even when I was a child I knew exactly what I liked and did not like. Yes, that’s what I want. No, I don’t want that. Of course it helped to have a mother who gave me the space to choose. I went along through life happily this way without a care. Even difficult choices never seemed to bother me much. I guess because I listened to my guts. Not really a pretty way of putting it. I could have said followed my heart but it really never felt that way - just a blunt decision– not much thought. Kind of like following a stream of consciousness. Of course life is never really that simple, she said stamping her foot. Drat! I’ve made my mistakes along the way. Overlooked a few diamonds right in front of me and of course made a few wrong choices - although I really don’t regret any of them. That’s another thing…I’m not much on regret or guilty feelings - too much to drag around through life. Better to learn from the mistake and move on…right? Unfortunately many others don’t share this attitude. Double drat!! Like everyone else all I can be in this world is me and that’s all I ever really wanted. Just the chance to live my life my own way and try to make things a little better for others along the road. I have always admired those who charge straight out into life like Jack London. What an inspiration. On the other hand I also admire those who, without notice most of the time, get the work done quietly and honestly without the sounding of the trumpets. So I send a whispered thank you out into the void and hope we all get where we are going in our own way and our own time. I like that!!!

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