Friday, September 26, 2008

Wonderful Guy


Have I ever mentioned that I am married to a wonderful guy. It's been 29 years since I first got to know him, and we've been a couple for 24 years (20 of those married) so we know each other inside and out. We've been through many ups and downs, and still I wouldn't want to share my life with anyone else. One of the things I value most about him is he really cares. He cares about our family. He cares about his family. He cares about my family. He cares about a stranger on the street with no home. He shows up -- no matter how big the obstacle. If he's needed, he will find a way to be there. As if that is not enough, he still finds time to show me he cares in the smallest of ways -- which to me are the biggest.
An example of this was yesterday. I was very busy, and asked if he could pick me up something to eat for lunch, and drop it at home before he went to work, since I was short on time. When I got back to the house, not only did I find wonderful pre-made salmon fillet and rice waiting in the refrigerator, but lots of other goodies all laid out on the counter. Goodies I love -- sour dough bread, blackberries, dark chocolate and my favorite coffee.
My 19 year old son Christopher came into the kitchen about the same time I found my surprises, and I told him, "This is why I married your father."


At Home with Kim Vallee said...

It is so sweet. You are lucky. Happiness is filled with those simple gestures that make our day.

Sabina said...

Hi Kim - I'm headed over to your site in a few. :)

Cousin Sasha said...

God is so good to us. I believe Mark was in your plan from the very beginning. I already pray for my children and their future spouses. Who you marry is HUGE in determining so much of your life!
Count your blessing I know you do.
Hug and love to you,

Sabina said...

Thanks so much Sasha I am so very grateful for all that I have. Let me know how your home faired in the hurricane as soon as you know.

Love to too!!
Sabina ~

corine said...

Hurray! Those kinds of men need to be celebrated.

Linda Lou said...

A good man is hard to find-you definitely found a GREAT ONE!! Anyone who brings me dark chocolate is a winner.

Anonymous said...

A great mate is a true blessing. I have a wonderful hubby too! Yours is the second blog that I have read today that praises her husband. This is a good thing!

Liz said...

You are a lucky woman. What a sweet sweet husband. They surely make life easier.

Sabina said...

Thanks for all the sweet comments!!!

Joslyn said...

agree! wonderful...for sure.

Marnie said...

love it when d.h. cooks supper - and love your green plate and pitcher - favorites of mine - collect any kitchen stuff in those colors

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