Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Avec Eric on PBS


Recently, I've been enjoying a new show on PBS called "Avec Eric."
"The way I see life, everything is spiritual," he says. "We live on Earth, we are omnivores, the nature of human beings is to eat meat and fruits and vegetables, and therefore we have to kill animals. I don't have a problem with that. But it's a sacred moment."
Inexorable respect for food is the Ripert way—and following that enlightened path has landed him an incredible résumé for his 44 years. First four-starred by The New York Times at 29, Ripert is a published author of multiple books and a recognizable TV star, thanks to "fan favorite" guest-judging stints on Bravo's reality cooking series, Top Chef. There's also the small matter of the day job: a hands-on position at the helm of New York's Le Bernardin, one of the world's most hallowed cathedrals to food. This month he adds to the list Avec Eric, a PBS venture in which he stars; it's part ecotourist travelogue, part cooking show, and part behind-the-scenes documentary at the midtown Manhattan mother ship of his restaurant.
(The above text is courtesy of an article in Newsweek)


naturally nina said...

thanks for sharing this. it sounds like an amazing program!

p.s. your blog is darling!

Elie's Papel said...

I've seen the program too... it's amazing and he is really charming!!!

Anonymous said...

Isn't he just wonderful? I wouldn't miss him for any reason! Enjoyed Nat while visiting your Blog..thanks. - MaLinda

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