Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Favorite Green Bag - Flip and Tumble

My favorite all time "green" take-along bag is by flip and tumble. I have been gifted and bought many cloth/green bags over the years but none of them have I loved more than this shopping bag!! The two women who started this company contacted me about 2 years ago and asked me to try out their new invention. Since then they have been featured in numerous magazines - Sunset, Real Simple, and Martha Stewart. One of the reasons they are my favorite is simply the design. They are made of a material that in seconds becomes a small compact ball you can pop in your purse and therefore you are never without it. Another reason is that even though the compacted ball is about 3" in diameter, about the size of a peach - the 24-7 bag, is rated for 25lbs, and will handle the toughest of loads!! It comes in lots of cute colors and is priced at only $9.00 per bag.


Honeygo Beasley said...

Hey, neat! I like this bag. It also makes a cool gift to give friends and family, I think. Very unique!

laura may said...

such a great idea. and would fit nicely in a handbag/tote. i like!


Corine said...

I have three of these and I love them.

michelle b said...

that bag is awesome! thanks for sharing...!

i have become a follower and love your stuff!


ambika said...

This is much better than my roll-up, fold over and snap into a little ball bag--that I seem to have lost anyways. Sigh.

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