Tuesday, April 13, 2010

P.S. King Tut Was Amazing!


I thought I'd better write a quick blog on our trip to see the King Tut Exhibit. As it says in the title, it was amazing!! I wish I could have taken photos inside the exhibit but cameras were strictly forbidden - cell phones too - and they weren't messing around when it came to this topic. Attending this event really was something I've been looking forward to since I first missed it in the mid 70's, when I was just a freshman in high school. I swore that if I ever got another chance I wouldn't miss it. The subject matter of Ancient Egypt is one I am well familiar with - as are the Tut Treasures. Seeing them up close and personal in all their exquisite beauty left me beyond thrilled and the fact that we had VIP tickets wasn't such a bad thing either.

1 comment:

Megan Walker said...

YAY! I've been waiting for your review - I'm so glad it was everything you hoped for and more! :)

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