Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Jardin Potager - Kitchen Garden & More


As fall draws ever closer (my favorite season) - I'm in the process of clearing and readying a new fall garden space. I've actually seeded some things already -- a second summer planting of fava beans, cucumbers and butternut squash. Soon, I hope to add kale, lettuce, leeks, arugula and beets. I also hope to clear even more space for additional plantings, such as fruit trees and berry bushes -- so excited! Zone 9 (Northern California) usually experiences summer-like weather that stretches well into October. In fact, it isn't unusual to be out trick-or-treating in flip flops.
My current veggie garden space (which is much smaller but very productive) is happily growing lots of yummy summer things -- tomatoes, italian parsley and other herbs, arugula (which I can never get enough of) pumpkins and edible flowers. I love going out to the garden each morning to water and see what is ready to harvest and eat. Lots of tomatoes never seem to make it to a salad or sauce. ;)

Fertilizer is an important part of growing vegetables, as any gardener will tell you. I am lucky that we have two adorable bunnies (Tamale and Luna) that make lots of bunny gold {bunny poop} to spread around the garden. I recently found out , from a very accomplished gardener, that rabbit pellets are considered cold manure and therefore can be placed straight into the garden
and is safe to use without composting.
Bunny Gold Fact: It contains the highest concentrations of basic plant nutrients of any common animal manure. Go bunnies!!
(Photos Courtesy of Jupiter Images)


Dancing Branflake said...

I was just telling my husband that I wanted to grow a garden but wasn't sure if I could in Fall. Yay! I'm excited now!

Jo (Pieceful Afternoon) said...

Hurray for the bunnies! You garden photos are fabulous!

Je m'appelle Cynthia said...

LOL about the bunnies thing - a friend of mine was just talking about that last Friday ... how ironic I read about it here on your blog. She has a garden too and her kids want bunnies and she always lets them get one more because it's good for the garden. I remember your bunny that your daughter got this year! What was his or her name again? I have to look it up ...

Meg the Wild Child said...

LOLOL! Yay bunnies!

Oh Sabina... I so want to be *you* if I ever grow up :)


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