Monday, December 1, 2008

What's In Season - December

Northern California
It's a good time for leafy green vegetables and roots. A plate of greens may not be the most inspiring dish but with the addition of a little cream and bacon it is transformed.
Fact: If every U.S. citizen ate just one locally grown meal a week - the countries oil consumption would be reduced by 1 million barrels every week.
•brussels sprouts
•sweet potato
•winter squash
•dried fruit


Krissy said...

Happy December! Our favorite locally grown restaurant just closed this weekend because of the economy. I'm so sad!

Margie said...

Great post Sabina, it is good to be reminded that nothing beats locally grown in season fruit and veg. We are so lucky to live in climates that support growth all year around (and my dad is such a keen gardener, always popping in with a bag of homegrown produce). Also there are some great seed saving organisations doing great work. hugs Margie.

Amy said...

Where did you find this beautiful food photography?

Sabina said...

Royalty Free - Jupiter Images!! said...

The shot of the artichoke is making my mouth water.

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