Thursday, May 7, 2009

Simple Steps - Organics and Better Health


Going green might seem overwhelming, but if we just take simple steps each day it gets easier as we go and the impact those simple steps can make are enormous. Check out the website below and consider taking one small step towards a better tomorrow.
Organic Produce Might Pay Off in Better Health
You might have to spend an extra buck or two to buy organic fruits and vegetables. Is it really worth the extra cost? Science suggests that it could be, especially when you consider what you’re NOT getting when you buy organic produce — pesticides. Government tests show that conventionally grown fruits and vegetables can retain up to 13 pesticides even after washing and cooking. And scientists have shown that children age 5 and under eat an average of 8 pesticides each day. Pesticides are toxic chemicals. They have been linked to childhood cancers, neurological damage, birth defects and prostate cancer. Children are particularly vulnerable to the harmful effects of pesticides in food because they eat more of them relative to their body size. Yet the food in grocery stores today can contain pesticide residues that don't meet safety standards for children's health. You can take simple steps that will help keep you and your children safe from the harmful effects of pesticide residue on fruits and vegetables:
Eat more fruits and vegetables, but minimize your exposure to pesticides by buying organic produce—especially the dirty dozen that are most exposed to pesticides, which includes peaches, apples, strawberries, and spinach. Wash and rinse all fresh produce before you eat it. Buy locally grown produce whenever you can. Imported fruits (especially grapes) and vegetables may carry harmful pesticides that are not regulated in the same way as they are in the United States.
You can get more information about organic food, national labeling standards and online organic food sellers from NRDC's Organic 101 fact sheet.
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Honeygo Beasley said...

I've always been a big believer and practicer in eating organic.

I don't think it's natural to upset the way of letting things grow in their own time, within the bounds of nature. Too much fertilizers and unnatural stuff sprayed all over the place is like putting plants on steroids. I've even against eating tons of artificial vitamins for that very same reason. Enough is enough. And nature made it enough to grow a piece of fruit or a vegetable with sun, earth and rain - each in their own season.

So right on to posts like these and people like you would promote the organic way!

Have a great weekend, Sabina!

Sabina said...

I always love reading your comments Cindy! You have a great weekend too!!


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