Friday, February 1, 2008

My Daughter - The Poet

Back in November my 9 year old daughter's class was visited by California Poets in the Schools . She, along with the rest of her 4th grade class, wrote many poems and had a great experience. These poet teachers visit schools all over California grades K-8. Cut to now. Today we received word that one of her poems was chosen to be considered for submission into the statewide anthology for this year. I was very surprised to hear of this but even more surprised by the poem she wrote.
Moods - By: Faith Couchot
Deer go over a lake.
They move so gently
when they jump.
They look like ballerinas
dancing over the lake
in the night.
Moon rose over a pond
It looks so beautiful
looking at the pond.
While crickets are singing
in the night.
While the moon rose over the pond.
Looking out on the ocean
it is so pretty
while the water moves
so gently
and not a sound is there
except the water moving.

Everything is so
I can't hear a thing.
Until a bird comes
and lifts me up into the air.
(For use by permission of Faith Couchot only.)


Sasha said...

Her eyes are the link to her soul. I think she is so beautiful. Please tell her I think she did an incredible job writing the poem.
love and hugs,

Sabina said...


Faith wanted me to tell you "thank you so much" for the really nice comment!!! I showed her your picture with Peter and the boys and she thought you were "very pretty". I think so too!!

Vanessa Hutchinson said...

This is incredible, so sweet and good, I can almost see the moon. How amazing that she can write about the world this way—and at her age! Congratulations, Faith, you deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Just wonderful!!! She is quite a young lady!!! Tell her congrats!!

Tina said...

She has an ear for words. I myself love poetry and I so encourage her in her precious gift. You tell her I said MAGNIFICANT!!!!! Keep her ear to the paper and her hand to the pen and her heart to everything around her. Here I have written her a poem, just for her.

Pondering your thoughts so deeply you gently hear its voice.
While taking in the dance of lifes surroundings, may your spirit rejoice.
Fly little faith fly, take your words to those who will listen.
Until your heart takes wings and flies, until your spirit glistens.
I wish you dreams that will forever come true, seek your heart and let God bring them to you.
Never lose who He created you to be, because the world needs an only you not another me.

(meaning: do not be anybody but you, do not let anyone ever make you fel like you have to be like them.) Great job Faith!!

With much love,

Anonymous said...

Hi Beanie!

i just read Faith's poem... i love it. i love the part about the deer that look like ballerinas on the lake.

luv u, say hi to everyone for me,


Joanie said...

This is so lovely. Faith you are blessed to be so aware of nature and all the beauty that surrounds you.

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