Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sock and Glove

I know what project I am going to be doing with my kids over spring break. These are so cute and look pretty easy to make. They are made from simple pairs of socks and gloves taken from the book - "Sock and Glove," by Miyako Kanamori. I'm not a big on sewing crafts but I love projects like these.
Below is the how-to for the "Cat".

Martha Stewart also has a video how-to or pdf step by step instructions for the rabbit and the dog - take your pick.


Stacey said...

I want one of these... I love the kitten one. Ask Chris to make one for me for my Birthday in April.


Sabina said...

I love the kitty too.

Caitie is making the bunny, Faith the cat, and Andy the dog. I am making a few for my girl scouts as a surprise gift.

I will tell Christopher you suggested he make you a kitty. He'll get a kick out of that. Chris is a pretty resourceful guy unlike Ben who will have to hire a maid when he moves away.

Love ya babe!! said...

Thank you for linking to this! My sister is pregnant and this would be a cute gift to add to what I'm getting her. I'm off to find some cute socks.

Sabina said...

You are so very welcome!!

love.boxes said...

Oh! Thanks so much I have always wanted to make one of those!

love.boxes said...

Love the new arts section on the bottom of the page. We like lots of the same. Have you read Mrs. Dalloway... I liked that book.

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