Thursday, February 21, 2008

"Simple Luxury"

Kirsten Hollister was chosen as one of three winners in the national magazine, “O at Home” “Knock, Knock, It’s Nate” design contest. As a result of this honor Kirsten and her design work were featured in the November 2007 issue of “O at Home”. Her work was also highlighted on “The Oprah Winfrey Show”. In addition, Kirsten will be featured in several Better Homes and Gardens publications in 2008. I think she has an amazing design sense. The inspiration for her home and subsequent design aesthetic comes from her love of all things Belgian. She discovered this style while living in Switzerland. She says the style she is going for is "simple luxury". I love that!!



Suzanne said...

That's a very good description of her style and it's to my liking. As I got older I found that "fussy" was flying out the window and that was just an extension of simplifying my life in general.

I'm especially crazy in love with chalkboards. It allows spur of the moment creativity to take wings. Can you imagine having a party and inviting everyone to express themselves on a chalkboard? I've just bought some chalkboard paint and I have a large piece of drywally left over from the basement remodeling project. Now I just have to do the painting and decide how to frame the edges.

Sabina said...

I love your party idea!! Thanks for stopping by Suzanne - I always enjoy your comments.

Lisa said...

Ohhh, I love this. I really have never been(dont tell anyone) much of an Oprah watcher, or magazine buyer, But, I did just subscribe to O at home, This looks like a great article. shes got my taste.I especially love the cabinet behind her. That green paint in the back is awesome! How about those cherubs with the crowns! To die for!
Love it!
coastal nest
ps- I have to say, I love the quotes, your blog is smashing!

Sabina said...

Thanks Lisa - I will stop by your "Coastal Nest" when I finish the huge pile of dishes in my sink left over from a busy Friday evening.

Sabina ~

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