Friday, February 15, 2008

One More Yoga Pose - Mountain Pose - Tadasana

This is called Mountain Pose because it promotes the experience of stillness, strength, relaxed power, and immovable stability associated with mountains. Remember that experiencing yourself in stillness is the most direct way to experience yourself with clarity. This pose, and coming back to this stillness after other poses, is one of the very best ways of becoming acquainted with stillness.
Tadasana is the most basic pose and is, therefore, the foundation for all others. There are two versions of Mountain Pose.
1. Come to stand with the big toes touching.
2. Lift up all your toes and let them fan out, then drop them down creating a wide solid base. You can separate your heels slightly if your ankles are knocking together uncomfortably.
3. Bring your weight evenly onto all four corners of both feet.
4. Let the feet and the calves root down into the floor.
5. Engage the quadriceps and drawn them upwards causing your knee caps to rise.
6. Rotate both thighs inwards creating a widening of the sit bones and tuck your tailbone in between the sit bones.

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