Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday's Photos - 21st Wedding Anniversary

Today's post is dedicated to my husband.
I know when you raise your eyebrows, and keep them there, you are not happy. I know when they quiver, you are trying not to laugh. I know when you mumble your words, you want to tell me something, but aren't sure what I'll think. I know you'll be happy if you open the pantry, and find chocolate or cookies. I know when you clear your throat, something is bothering you. I know that five minutes playing with the kids, and suddenly you're a kid again. I know that one minute after you leave the house, you will be right back, because you forgot something. I know that you hang in there, when others won't, because you truly care. And I know if I need you, you will always be there, and you know, that I will too!!
Happy Anniversary Sweetie!!


Content in a Cottage said...


Your husband is one lucky man to have you. Can he "read" you as easily?

Have a great celebration.

Happy Anniversary! You are a great pair.

Best regards, Rosemary

Pieceful Afternoon said...

What an utterly charming post. Thank you for sharing.

Sabina said...

Thank you both!!

Yes, fortunately and even sometimes unfortunately he can read me well too.

Happy Friday!!

me melodia said...


pve design said...

lucky 21!
happy year(s) ahead.

jenjen said...

Happy anniversary. What a great post and tribute to your years together!


Cynthia Maniglia said...

Happy Anniversary to two peas in a pod and wishing you many more to come!

corine said...

We'll be celebrating 21 years this summer as well. Love is in the details isn't it?


Momma Chae said...

What wonderful, sweet words and photos!

AnnaVallance said...

Your words and pictures; utterly beautiful. Happy anniversary!

wild child said...

Congratulations Sabina! What a sweet post, and I loved your accompanying photos - especially the pea pods :)


Margie said...

Very touching post Sabina, wonderful way to show love, Happy Anniversary to you both. Happy St. Brigid's Day. hugs Margie.

farmgirl said...

Thank you so much for sharing such a lovely summation of a marriage.
To have such knowledge of someone helps you to gain deeper knowledge of yourself. We should all be so lucky!
Best wishes to you both-

Linda Lou said...

Sweet post Sabina, we celebrated 21 years this past year, it will be 22 for us in April. Continued happiness for you and your sweetie!!

Sabina said...

Thank you everyone for all your wonderful thoughts!!


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