Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday's Photos - HGTV Dream Home Giveaway


HGTV's Dream Home Giveaway is located in Sonoma, California this time around. I've been watching them slowly build it over the last 6 months. It sits in an exclusive neighborhood just a short walk from the historic downtown. Modeled after a Victorian/Farmhouse - complete with furnishings, and a GMC vehicle already waiting in the two-car garage. They've even planted a small vineyard on one side of the house. It really is a "Dream Home"!!
The television network will give away the entire $2 million package through a random drawing in March. For 12 years, HGTV has given away dream homes in locations from Florida to Colorado to Texas, drawing 41 million entries last year.
Happy Friday!!












Content in a Cottage said...

It's lovely. I hope you win!

I remembered to drink my lemon water this morning. Have a great weekend...Rosemary

Lady Laura said...

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I just love it when a newly built home is so well designed that it actually "fits" into the area in which it is being built and looks as though it's been there forever. Of course, farmhouse style is one of my favorites.

Those raised garden beds are a thing of beauty to behold! Very practical, too--I can just imagine someone sitting on the side of the boxes tending the beds, or a cat sunbathing there.
Thanks for sharing!

Krissy said...

oh that kitchen is amazing! I'll totally take it.

jenjen said...

I drool over the HGTV house every year. They have the most amazing designers. I am always hoping that I will win, but it hasn't happened yet...

It's fun to fantasize though... Thanks for the pics!


Kim G. said...

Dream Home Indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kira said...

That house is GORGEOUS!!!!!!

M.Kate said...

Wow Sabina, a house giveaway..and look at the decors! So beautiful, love everything esp the verandah, and each picture is just better than the next!! wish i could enter too..I'll dream about it tonight :D

Linda Lou said...

We think we will win this one-my husband has a soft spot for SOnoma in his heart-he spent summers there at his grandparent's little cottage as a kid---this is no cottage, this is a beautiful home!

corine said...

The house and the location are a dream but it would kill me to live in a furnished place without putting in my 2 cents. I'd sell the furniture, Id'... hmmm.. sorry, i forgot it's practically your home already :-).

wild child said...

Sabina! I'm so glad you're back - I didn't realize! I had missed you and checked waaay too many times the last few weeks - LOL!

I was yet again blown away by this Dream Home! It's one of their best - they did an amazing job. I made my husband watch the reveal with me because he's from Petaluma and I knew he would LOVE it (yup, he did).

Anyway, I'm sure glad you're back, and I'm on to catch up on your other posts!

wild child

Anonymous said...

These photos are amazing. I'm glad they're featuring one of their homes in California. Love Sonoma- Healdsburg!

Chelsea said...

I totally want to win this. I's love to move to Sonoma!

No.35style said...

I like that outdoor area!

Hatsumomo said...

the house is amazing!! said...

Beautiful house! I'd take it in a heartbeat.

mary smith said...

Oh my goodness, that home is absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for posting that!!

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