Thursday, January 8, 2009

On The Lighter Side - What's In Your Bag

I committed to this challenge a while back and decided to finally make good on it. I will pass it on to those brave enough to let the world know - What's In Your Bag!!
1 wallet - containing various items - license, medical and bank cards, photos, money, etc.
2 cloth bags that I can use instead of plastic.
1 cell phone.
1 brand new iPod Nano (thank you Mark).
1 Nikon digital camera and extra batteries.
Tissues and disinfectant wipes - no self respecting mother would be caught dead without these.
A small first aide kit - Band-Aids, Motrin, etc.
1 checkbook.
1 pair of green wool (Army) gloves - my old favorites.
Lip balm, and lip stick.
Notebook/journal with a pencil and pen.
Various restaurant menus (Pasta Bella, Simply Vietnam, East West, etc.). Yum!!
Small LED flashlight, and Swiss Army Knife.
Extra house key on compass key chain.
Various plastic utensils - forks, spoons and one straw.
Ball and jacks (my kids love these) and small sewing kit.
A 3x5 index card with "Tim Gunn's Essential Wardrobe List" - just in case I feel like shopping.
Oops, I forgot the front pocket - breath mints and stamps.


jenjen said...

What a great idea for a post! I love it! My purse is so scary -- I would be too embarrassed to let anyone know what's lurking in there!

Have a wonderful day!


Jennifer Ramos said...

Haha cute post. A security at a lounge was looking through my purse, doing their normal checks before you go in...and he said" You have the cleanest purse - with less clutter ive seen EVER" LOL

I don't carry that much...usually just a small makeup bag, a women's wallet & my iPhone. : )

Jen Ramos
'Cards & Prints You'll Love...'

Linda Lou said...

You are a prepared girl!! I barely have the essentials, and always change on the bottom, my cell phone which can never find in the bottomless pit, the wallet, lip balm, coupons for Ulta, Borders, are other places I need stuff at that particular day..its just always messy and unzipped!

Ashley L. said...

I love these posts! I think that what is found in a person's purse says a lot about them!

M.Kate said...

Sabina, that is one long list..and I thought I had so many stuff in my bag.

Dallas Shaw said...

i'm going to take this challenge on later in the week :)

wild child said...

Sabina, you follow the Boy Scout motto: Be prepared! I am impressed!

My purse contents depend on how busy I've been - loose receipts are definitely a pet peeve! Otherwise:

1 wallet w/ cards, cash, coupons, etc.
1 check book
1 pen
my cell phone
1 cloth bag w/ zipper containing anti-bacteria gel, lipsmackers, Advil, tiny tube of hand cream
1 pack of gum
my car key w/ my Swiss army knife attached
sigh... magnifying glasses :(

wild child

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