Friday, November 9, 2007

Authenticity and Thankfulness

The definition of "Authentic" in the Dictionary goes something like this - not false or copied; genuine; real. OK, that seems a little vague to me as it relates to people. It really is a philosophical concept at heart. When you get into it from that angle it's quite a rich subject matter. I've been striving for authenticity for as long as I can remember - even before I knew what the word authentic was. I have always been trying to find my own way to do things. When I ran up against a rule that didn't make sense to me I wondered - who made that rule and who made them the rule maker? This way of thinking hasn't always worked out entirely well for me I must say. The rule makers loom close by trying to put me back in my place but that never stops me for long. The rules of the universe however they seem obvious - kindness, honestly, integrity, love, freedom, tolerance, patience, etc.

The phrase "listen to your heart" or "follow your bliss" are all speaking to your authentic self. I've always been just as interested in others authentic journey as much as my own since it can be so inspirational and sometimes others insight can greatly effect my own. I experience this reading my favorite blogs each day. So thank you to all those bloggers (housemartin, at home with kim vallee, the cottage nest, and the perfect pantry, to name only a few) who inspired me to create my own blog and view the world each day with fresh eyes. It is the season of thankfulness and unknowingly you have helped me along my path to authenticity - so - thank you!

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Jen@The Cottage Nest said...

Wow. I'm completely touched. Do you want to know something strange? I was out running errands today and I was thinking about being authentic. I was remembering that there is a recent popular book on the subject and I was thinking that I will have to read it. This has become a very important issue to me.

I'm so honored to know that I had an influence in any way on you. I never would have dreamed when I started my blog, how it would change my life and bring me in contact with so many wonderful, caring women. I'm glad we found each other! Warmly, Jen

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