Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Our amazing talented son Benjamin turns 20 today. He came into this world at almost 10 lbs and after 21 hours of labor nearly did me in but he has been a complete joy from the minute we laid eyes on him. Happy Birthday Ben!! - I guess you really are all grown up.


Sasha said...

Bring tears to my eyes! It is amazing to think he is 20.
When did we come to CA? Was it 1994? He was just a little boy then. He looks like a fine young man!! You should be so proud...I know you are.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sabina,
Wish Ben a Happy 20th Birthday for me! What a wonderful tribute to a fantastically unique guy. Ben is one of a kind and has so much to offer this world. What a joy to watch him grow up to be this fine young man.

Joanie said...


Just want to say Happy Birthday to you. In twenty years you have had a plethora of interests and achievements. It makes me wonder
what the talented Ben has up his sleeve for the next twenty years.

Best Wishes to you, Joanie

Anonymous said...

I LOVED the song and also seeing all of Ben’s growing up pictures!!! HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEN! What a fun life you have lived and heres to many more years of joy, achievements and contentment. You are a bright young man and we are so proud of you.

Love, A. Jettie and U. Bobby

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