Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Colors That Flatter Everyone

I was reading an article from the on-line site and magazine "Real Simple" and came across this statement - "Some colors work for all skin tones and hair colors, because they fall into the middle of the color spectrum, meaning they're not too warm or too cool," says Leatrice Eiseman, author of The Color Answer Book and director of the Pantone Color Institute. Is this true? I know that your face and skin are suppose to glow in colors that flatter. I will check out this theory the next time I go clothes shopping - which will be very soon since we experienced high 80's last weekend and I was totally unprepared. Here is the rest of the article (The 4 Universally Flattering Clothing Colors By Yolanda Wikie) courtesy of Real Simple - one of my favorite online sources! :)
Mellow Rose
More sophisticated than bubble-gum pink, mellow rose is that wonderful shade between light pink and peach. Kashuk says it's more of a neutral color than it is a pastel and highlights skin tone's natural flush so it almost appears to make you glow when you wear it.
While there are dozens of shades of purple, this one is "the perfect purple," according to Eiseman. Like black, dark brown or navy, it's very versatile but more interesting than these colors and should be a wardrobe staple.
True Red_
New York City makeup artist Sonia Kashuk told Real Simple that it flatters everyone because it "resides in the center of the color spectrum, in between a cool, cherry red and a warm, orangey tomato red."

Indian Teal
This shade of teal is the exact opposite of pink. Remember, opposite colors look beautiful together. (Think red and green.) So when women wear teal, it enhances the healthy flush of the skin. Teal can be worn year round, making it more versatile than lighter, more summery shades of turquoise. It also pairs beautifully with black and brown.
(Info courtesy of Real Simple)


Lisa said...

Wow, what a great post. I didn't know this. I'll have to go look for some things in these colors now.

Hope you have a great week.

love.boxes said...

Fun! I like all of those!

Mya said...

That was very interesting. I do look good in all thoses colors so I guess it must be true. Love your sight would you mind if I put you on with my other blog links? sounds like you have a pretty full life with the kids and yes I understand the husband thing. Let me know about the link.

Sabina said...

Yes, that would be fine - thanks Mya!!

Liz said...

Good tips! I used to try my hardest to wear yellow, even though I looked like a jaundice epidemic. Finally I accepted it and threw out the yellow. But these colors are fabulous!

Suzanne said...

That's very interesting.

As far as color in the home - I have a darker shell pink faux finish in my living room (think the inside of a conch shell). EVERY MAN that walks inside my house loves this color. How unusual is it for a man to even notice, and secondly rave about it. And my dining room is a slightly darker shade which is so flattering to my guests faces in the chandelier light.

Thanks for the tips.

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

Pigtown-Design said...

I didn't wear black for years because i thought it made my skin look sallow. Then I joined a team where we had black jerseys and everyone always said how good i looked. i wear a lot of it now. i am a "winter" so have to wear clear colours.

Sabina said...

Thanks for stopping by and enlightening me. I have revised the article to give all credit due. It's great information from a wonderful source I find very helpful for all kinds of needs. Have a wonderful day!!

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