Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Eating Alfresco

We've suddenly switched into warm weather mode. The last couple of weekends the temperature here in Northern California climbed into the high 80's. So it's time to break out the patio furniture, BBQ and twinkle lights.
I am looking around for a fire pit this year. I found a few nice ones offered at a very low price (in the $70.00 range) at Lowes.


Glenda said...

Those settings look so inviting. I know what you mean about the temps. I was in Petaluma this last Sunday and it was in the 80's.
As fire pitt in very nice in the late evenings.


love.boxes said...

My brother in law has a set up sort of like that..under a big, big black walnut tree. It is so beautiful there and it's fun to be invited to a BBQ at his house.

notsocrafty.com said...

Lovely, have been enjoying eating outside as well but I'm not enjoying all the mosquito bites. I needs to find some decorative citronella candles.

That looks like a steal of a fire pit. I bought one a couple of years ago and we use it most in spring and fall.

Lisa said...

I love eating outside, I just wish our backyard was prettier:)

Sabina said...

My kids start asking if we can eat dinner outside in Feb. - they just can hardly wait.

At Home with Kim Vallee said...

I am also craving to eat alfresco. The left pictures symbolize what the dolce vita means to me.

Jen@The Cottage Nest said...

I sure wish we had a beautiful space like that to decorate. With the housing market being what it is & us unable to finish our basement, I think we might do our patio next instead. Love your inspiration.

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