Friday, April 11, 2008

PBS Great Performances Presents - Peter and the Wolf

I just saw this Oscar winning film on PBS last evening. It was just amazing!! The expressions on Peter's face are the best I've ever seen with this type of ani-claymation.

One small word of warning if you do want to watch the film and there are young children in the room - the duck is eaten by the wolf.


love.boxes said...

I wish that I had seen this one!

Glenda said...

I missed this. It's done really well.
Are you going up to Healdsburg for the barn sale ?
It's presented by Cathleen and Molly from Mixing whimsey. I see you are from Santa Rosa.


Sabina said...

I didn't hear about the barn sale but I love to go over to Healdsburg any chance I get. What a great place with lots of great shops and restaurants!!

Thanks for stopping by Glenda!!

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