Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten

I'm always on the lookout for unusual or creative photography. These photos by Julia Fullerton-Batten really caught my attention. This particular series entitled: Teen Stories - I completely get. The photographs are described as hypnotic, slightly unnerving, juxtaposing teenage girls at the moment of facing maturity, many of which are involved in everyday leisure activities, at home, in the garden, at the swimming pool, or at the beach. Many of her concepts in this series, are in part: fairy tale (Alice in wonderland) with surreal twists. She depicts this in a completely unique way.
I think we women all can remember that time in our lives when we were still just little girls in our minds - going along as we had any other day - when suddenly the world began to view us differently. We seemed to become young women overnight. I can remember walking home from the pool one summer in my bikini and as I came through the front door my father told me - in a somewhat firm voice - to put something on and not to traipse all around the neighborhood like that. I was completely confused and hurt by his reaction but many years later I realized that he knew something I didn't. I wasn't being viewed the same way anymore. My girl- like mind had not caught up to my woman- like body.








Lisa said...

These are awesome photos, I remember the day that your instance happened to me. Also in a bathing suit, but it was my favorite uncle that told me I needed to tighten up my top. Boys will be gawking, I think he said.
I was totally like, wtf?? He meant no harm and I asked my mom about it ( i believe It was in the summer of 6th going into 7th grade) This was the day I got "the speech" Me and my 36 C's. God I hated puberty..
Nice post, girlfriend.
coastal nest

Sabina said...

Thanks for stopping by Lisa!!

love.boxes said...

Interesting thoughts that I think will help me to be a bit more sensitive with my daughter.. I hope. :)

Pigtown-Design said...

Incredible photos!

Diana said...

wonderful photographs!

Suzanne said...

I love the photos, they make me think. Some are more successful than others simply due to the fact that it's difficult to make a staged photo look unstaged. I certainly prefer this to the photography of Sally Mann. Although she's revered by everyone I find the photos of her children to be very unsettling and invasive. There's a great young photographer over at Etsy. Darn, I forget her name at the moment.

cammyk said...

I am in love with these photos!!!

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