Friday, May 16, 2008

Darfur Now trailer


love.boxes said...

I don't want our military to go into Darfur. I have friends and family in the military and they have sacrificed a lot over the last few years.. We can drop bombs, but I don't think we have the resources to fight nice.. in other words to look out for women, children, civilians. If there is any other way that we can make a difference I would be interested to know. I hope this "trailer" means there will be a film.

In our church, we donate as much as we can to Humanitarian Aid; an organization that I love because they can get all kinds of things to places all over the world. They use a lot of donated time and 100% of monetary donations go to those in need. The trouble is like the situation in Burma at the moment.. if these governments won't let aid and aid workers in.

It makes me so sad because Humanitarian Aid is always ready to go. They have full class rooms and ER operating rooms and food and supplies and hygiene kits, medicine ready to go anywhere in the world.

One of my favorite stories about humanitarian aide is when Katrina hit. HUge trucks were loaded with food, water and all kinds of supplies and on the road within hours. One of the truck drivers became concerned because the driver ahead of him was going 80MPH on the road and the second driver did not want to be delayed by being pulled over so he radioed the driver ahead of him and said, "Are you aware that you are driving 80MPH" and the driver ahead of him said, "Well, these trucks just can't go any faster than that!"

Americans and kind people everywhere are desperate to help those in disaster areas and those who are oppressed by rogue governments and tyrants. I hope a solution to this tragedy will soon be forthcoming. Maybe this film will provide some answers.

Sabina said...

Thanks for the heartfelt comment Tiffany. One of the most important things I think is for people to talk about these issues and try to understand the underlying causes that perpetuate them. Genocide is something that everyone should be concerned with and should not be tolerated by the International Community. I hope this film provides not only some answers but also inspiration and direction.

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