Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hand Painted Boxes


I recently purchased the cutest little item from Tiffany at "Hand Painted Love Boxes". I hope my photos do it justice. She has many other hand painted items to chose from with special little quotes that make it a perfect one of a kind gift.
Thanks so much Tiffany - you are a wonderful artist!!
You can find her items via her blog site (above) or go directly to her Etsy store via this link - Tiffany's Etsy Shop.


love.boxes said...

Obviously I should be photographing these boxes with flowers.. because I love the way your photo turned out! Thanks so much Sabina.. that's such a lovely thing for you to do. I hope you enjoy your little owl box for a long time. :)

Sabina said...

Thanks Tiffany. That little owl is just so adorable. I also love your new postcards. :)

melissa said...

Very sweet little box. My daughter would love it. She's all about anything pink and mini and compartment-like.

Liz said...

How cute! My sister would love these.

Anonymous said...

This blog is just the best. I usually lurk but decided to comment. I will head over and check out Tiffany's site. Thanks.


Mya said...

That box is so cute. I'm sure you will get a lot of use out of it. I will have to check out Tiffiny's site later. Have a wonderful weekend.

Ashley L. said...

that is just TOO cute! i love it...i'll have to check out her shop for sure! :)

Toni from NC said...

I love little boxes. This one's so cute -- and pink!

Sabina said...

These little boxes really are so precious. You can tell they are made with love.

Jennifer Ramos said...

Hi Sabina,
I just came across your blog and read your Obama note, wow...thats great! Love your message...i also support Obama : )

Anyhow these boxes are so cute i saw them on Etsy the other day while searching for couple things.
Would luv to link up, let me know.

Jen Ramos
'100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards & More'

Sabina said...

Thanks Jen. Can't wait to check out your site.

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