Monday, August 18, 2008

Favorite Olympic Event


Someone recently posed the question - What is your favorite Olympic event to watch? For me this is an easy one -- swimming. So as you can imagine, I have been in absolute heaven this past week. Watching Michael Phelps, and Dara Torres, in particular, and with the magic of my digital recorder -- I haven't missed a race. I can cut through all the fluff and commercials -- enjoying each exciting second.

Michael Phelps has defied the odds and is pure magic in the water. I've leapt right out of my chair a few times, as I'm sure many others did, during his races. The most decorated Olympic Champion of all time, and he has such a likability factor about him.

Dara Torres, age 41, with those incredible abs, inspires utterly. I saw a quote of hers that went something like this -- “When you hit the water, it doesn't know what age you are.” I love it!!

I should also mention that I really love watching the diving competitions as well. When Guo Jingjing of China takes the springboard, whether in synchronized or individual competition -- I am spellbound. Her grace, beauty, and skill are unsurpassed. I know that she has been dubbed the "Diving Diva", but she delivers flawless dives time after time.


Krissy said...

swimming is my favorite too! great pictures :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sabina

I too have been glued to the Olympics - I love the Gymnastics and watching Michael Phelps has been really amazing !!


M.Kate said...

Dear Sabina, Swimming is my fav too. Love to see those graceful moves and at the same time, wishing I was as slim as chance at the moment :D

...and Michael Phelps was awesome!

Ashley L. said...

it is too fun to watch! i LOVE the first picture in this post. wonderful job!

Sarah said...

It's been really amazing to watch. I've never really been "in" to watching but it's been so captivating.
Vintage Lily

Sabina said...

I'm going through withdrawals now!!


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