Thursday, August 28, 2008

Yes We Can!!





After watching the final night of the Democratic Convention I had to get out my copy of the recording Barack Obama left on my answering machine in March of 2007, and listen to it once more. He had seen a note I had on left on his website , with a small donation, and contacted me as he was leaving his office for the evening. When the message began - "Hello Sabina, this is Senator Barack Obama" -- I nearly fell on the floor. Fortunately he left a number that I was able to call him back at, and a few days later I was able to speak with him briefly.
I am so proud of the Democratic Party for nominating him as our candidate. I have so much renewed hope for the future of our Country - that I can hardly contain my enthusiasm.

Yes We Can!!!


Honeygo Beasley said...

Did you really talk to Obama? Cool! : )) Nevertheless, these are exciting times for the Democratic Party.

Sabina said...

It's true.

I pride myself on being cool under pressure, but upon returning home to find his message - I completely lost it.

Of course it took a few days to get him back on the phone, so by then I had calmed down -- a bit.

Thanks for commenting.

corine said...

You spoke to the Man himself. I am speechless...

Sabina said...

It is still hard for me to believe myself. My family all laughs when they hear the message.

I have been on board with his campaign since the early days.

Anonymous said...

Everything good seems to always happen to you!!


Claudine said...

Oh, how I love him! I was lucky enough to get to meet him and shake his hand. It still feels like yesterday! He is so wonderful!!!!

Jennifer Ramos said...

wow thats great! I will be going with some supporters to see him here in VEGAS...on sept 17th! Cant wait to support this rally.

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