Monday, November 10, 2008

How Much Does The President Of The United States Make?


My son asked me this question the other day. So we looked it up, and found a few other facts as well.
The most recent salary increase, to $400,000/year from $200,000/year, took effect when George W. Bush became President. The President also receives a $50,000 non-taxable expense account.
The retirement benefits received by former Presidents include a pension, Secret Service protection, and reimbursements for staff, travel, mail, and office expenses. The Presidential pension is not a fixed amount, rather it matches the current salary of Cabinet members (or Executive Level I personnel), which is $191,300/year as of March, 2008
P.S. I also found out that President George Washington was offered a salary of $25,000/year.
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Content in a Cottage said...

That is about the best thing George Bush ever did...getting a raise for "our guy". The salary doesn't seem commensurate for the job when you consider CEO salaries at big corporations, does it? Thanks for the info, Rosemary

Krissy said...

um wow! i did not know it went up that much!!

Sabina said...

Hi Rosemary and Krissy -- I think Obama will be worth every penny and some!!

M.Kate said...

Hello Sabina, I always wondered too. Our PM and other Ministers arent paid well...that's why corruption is high, but I think they'll take corruption even if their salary is high's in their blood, very unfortunate.

However, I also think Obama deserves every penny, he has a tough job ahead of him.

have a great week!

Linda Lou said...

Wasn't it nice of Bush to give himself a raise! Obama deserves that salary, Bush didn't..thanks for the info,.

Suzanne said...

I think that the salary of a senator is even less which begs the question, how does a U.S. Senator afford a 2 million dollar home in Hyde Park?

The President has no power to increase his salary so let's not put that onus on Bush. The House of Representative holds the purse strings.

- Suzanne

Sabina said...

Thanks Suzanne for that added bit of info!! :)

linnea said...

interesting factoids!

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