Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tagged By Meg


First of all, I'm sorry Meg that it took so long for me to respond to this tag. Between Halloween, and the Election I just didn't get to it in a timely manner, but here goes.
* 7 random/weird facts about me
* 7 fave blogs and links to them
* contact the 7 so they know they've been tagged (I'll leave that up to each person to accept, or not)
* they tag 7 more and so on
7 Random/Weird Facts About Me
I like the idea of random and weird facts, but this also makes it more difficult.
1. I love sunflower seeds (in the shell -- with lots of salt). I actually crave them. I've tried to give them up but just can't. Curse you, David Seeds!!
2. I love to play very loud music while cleaning the kitchen late at night, and while driving on the freeway. My kids love this about me -- so it's a good thing -- right?
3. Both of my oldest sons weighed nearly 10 lbs at birth, and I delivered them both without a C section. I was young when I had them -- don't ask me how I did it! In fact 21 years ago today, I was in the hospital in waiting for my oldest son to arrive. I went into labor on Friday the 13th and he was born the following day 21 hours later.
4. If I see a stray animal -- I try to find it's home. Subsequently, I have forced my husband to pull over on the freeway, and have take many detours to the local animal shelter. I cannot tell you how many animals that have found their way to me. The first animal I rescued when I was only 7. It was a badly injured/neglected that cat -- I later named, Lucky.
5. I keep a journal of all the weird things my husband says when I try to wake him up. Occasionally we get it out, and laugh until we're sick.
6. I got my first gray/white hair when I was 16.
7. I have seen all 3 Mission Impossible movies (more than once) and love the action sequences so much -- even though they are ridiculous -- I could sit down and watch any of them (especially #2) right now.
7 Fav Blogs
There really are so many I could not possibly pick just 7. So I will pick 7 of many favorite blogs.
At Home With Kim Vallee - Kim provides and enormous amount of information with such variety -- she is simply fabulous!!
Content in a Cottage - Rosemary is always my first stop each morning in this blogging world!! Her graphics, photos, and sense of humor amuse me to no end.
Decor Amor - Ashley's little photo collages make my heart skip a beat and her sweet posts!!
La Vie Est Belle - M. Kate's amazing photos of her life and travels -- with an exotic personal flare.
Mabel's House - Cute stories and photos of a day in the life of one creative girl named Liz -- Mabel is her dog!!
Stephmodo - When I found her blog I was instantly smitten. She has the most amazing taste!!
Minimally Invasive - A gorgeous food blog that makes me HUNGRY!!


M.Kate said... thought of me, I am honoured :D

We have something in common. I listen to extremly loud music when I cook and clean at home, and when i drive to work. One of my offices is 90km away and music is the only thing that keeps me awake, cant take coffee :( Love the live journal part..I have one too but sadly, its updated once a year. Cant remember when I got my first hair but I have plenty of them now *sob*
Have a great weekend :D

Content in a Cottage said...

Sabina...I am so honored to be your first stop. Wonderful post...busy morning here...later.

Krissy said...

I loved reading your answers! Question for you- do you eat the whole shell on your sunflower seeds?
I do, and people think I'm strange :)

Liz said...

Thanks so much for the sweet compliment Sabina! I second the playing music loudly in the kitchen and pulling over for animals. I spent an hour trying to get a stray dog into my car last Saturday. He was so lost and scared, I never could get him to come to me. He'd come close and then run away. I was so upset that I couldnt help him!

Sabina said...

Hi Krissy,

No, I pop them out of the shell but the speed at which I can do this scares me at times!!

By the way, strange people are more interesting!! :)

m e g said...

Oh Sabina thank you so much for your fun, fun post! I loved hearing everything and read the entire post with a smile on my face :) And we have the animal rescue gene in common - I am sooooo tenderhearted when it comes to animals, and I'm thankful my youngest son is the same way. We have had many rescue adventures together.

Can't wait to go check out the 7 blogs you listed - I'm on my way! And thanks again for playing along!

Meg ;)

Amy at Minimally Invasive said...

Hi Sabina - Thanks so much for the compliment! Love your site and will be sure to stop by often. :)

Now to think of 7 weird facts and keep the party going...

corine said...

maybe you should publish some entries of that journal. It sounds hilarious.

dolcechic said...

I loved learning about you. I too am a sucker for picking up stray pets. I've brought them home from work, on the side of the road, you name it!

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