Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Farmers Market/Shopping Trolleys


These wonderful trolleys are great for using at the farmers market or anywhere!
Using Reisenthel's Bags help to eliminate the countless paper & plastic bags handed out when buying groceries. They are a smart, and reusable alternative. Their philosophy is based on creating products that enhance quality of living while being respectful to the environment. They are also made with Fair Wages and Fair Labor. All products are made from recyclable materials of the highest quality. A perfect blend of form and function.

Check out Eco- Friendly for this item and more.
It can be folded three times and stowed away in its’ own outside pocket. This is possible by means of the special design of the wheels which can be flattened thanks to a spring mechanism. So your large shopping assistant turns into a small package neatly stowable anywhere.
P.S. Happy Earth Day!!!


Melissa said...

I use one of Reisenthel's bags - don't have a trolley - and I love it. Love, love, love. It has six outer pockets for bottles and they make all the difference in being able to pack things both in AND out of the bag. Farmer's markets, open quickly!

Sabina said...

I am familiar with the bag you have - don't you love the Reisenthel brand! Thanks for stopping by Melissa!!


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

We saw lots of these bags/trolley, when in Paris at the weekend, some very trendy too!

annechovie said...

These are not only adorable, but extremely practical. Happy Earth Day, Sabina!

Ashley L. said...

I have to admit that I'm always afraid that I'm going to trip over these at the market hahaha But these ones are awfully cute! :)

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