Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday's Photos - Green Resort and Spa


Solage Calistoga - where comfortable meets chic - located in Calistoga, CA. (just a few miles up the road from my house). This amazing resort and spa integrates green features throughout the 22-acre property-from alternative energy sources such as solar panels on rooftops to chemical free bath products. Too cool!!
Top 5 Green Design Points
1. Solar rooftop panels throughout the property help reduce overall
energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions (CO2).

2. Housekeeping cleaning program is standardized on non-toxic
products used throughout the property.

3. Solbar cuisine features locally grown produce sourced primarily
through small, organic farms.

4. Eco-solution flooring and paints along with natural fiber and
recycled materials are used in guest room and public space

5. On-site geothermal water is used to produce radiant heating in the
Spa Solage treatment buildings, Bathhouse soaking pools and Adult
and Family swimming pools, reducing use of natural gas for
heating. Additionally, the passive cooling architectural design of the
Bathhouse eliminates the need for air conditioning, further reducing
our energy consumption.

* Solage is a member of the Green Hotel Association



Photos Courtesy Of Traditional Home Magazine


My Favorite and My Best said...

lovely. i have friends in that area. angwin to be exact. they make wine!

Honeygo Beasley said...

You're so lucky to live near this fabulous oasis. Thanks for taking me there, via the photos. Enjoy the weekend, Sabina!

Chloe is doing better, I'm happy to report.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, have a great weekend!

ambika said...

This is so a dream of mine. Especially the alternative energy.

Oh, and tagged you!

Brenda@View From The Pines said...

I recently subscribed to Traditional Home magazine. And now, having received my first copy, am anxious to see sights such as you've shown me today!

Ashley L. said...

OH! I love those two bottom pictures! SOOOO cute! I love how simple these little homes are but they still have SO much character!!!

Pen Pen said...

I love love ur blog! I may be showing my "newbie-ness", but is there a way for me to follow ur blog?! I've seen the "follow" button on other blogs and I put one on mine, but there are many that I don't see one for---am I missing how to do that here?! ...I live my life confused.

M.Kate said...

Beautiful, I'd love to be there!

Meg said...

What a beautiful spa! Have you been able to check it out in person?

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