Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Not Disney's Alice

Yesterday my 9 year old daughter brought home the book - Through The Looking Glass - from her grade school library. I took one look at it and I was in heaven. The book had all the original illustrations by John Tenniel that were published with the book in 1871. I love these pictures so much. Apparently the original engravings were done on a wooden block and then transferred to metal plates for printing. Over the years these metal plates deteriorated losing much of the fine details of the drawings and the wooden blocks were thought to be lost. In 1985 the original blocks were discovered in a London bank vault. This allowed the books to be printed exactly as the originals had been. There is just something about these drawings as well as the ones in - Alice In Wonderland - that make the story come to life in a un-Disney like way that I appreciate. Not that I'm knocking the Disney version. I grew up with that and it has its nostalgic value but it can't compare with the original text or the original illustrations - in my opinion.

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