Monday, January 28, 2008

7 Things

(Artwork by the talented Jen Corace)

I was tagged by another blogger and so here are "7 Things About Me". If you are reading this consider yourself tagged as well.
7 Things About Me
1. I love room service!!! It's one of the first things I start thinking about the minute I check in to a hotel. It's like having your own personal chef - which I've always dreamed of.
2. I can fly a plane - well sort of - even though I've had no formal lessons I know the basics. I learned from a family friend.
3. I was in the Army Reserves for 3 years and can shoot various weapons - drive a deuce in a half - and throw a grenade with a pretty good measure of skill.
4. I love being a stay at home mom and have never for one minute felt belittled by it or less of a contributor in our families lives.
5. When I was 12 years old I caught a baby rattle snake and put it in a mayonnaise jar - much to parents horror.
6. My childhood nickname is "Beanie". There are a few variations - my mom calls me Sabeanie, my two nieces call me Auntie Beanie and my dad sometimes just calls me Bean.
7. Gestures of kindness mean the world to me!!


Stacey said...

I love your number 1 comment... does Mom count as being our personal chef when we were little. What about tapping on glasses on the table when we wanted more milk... now that's service. Anyway, I don't remember the rattle snake but I thought it would be fun to comment about 7 things about you...

1. You always know what I'm thinking
2. You always laugh at my jokes, no matter how dumb
3. You can remember things about our childhood that I can't
4. You made my life easier, being the 3rd child I didn't get into as much trouble.
5. You always help me remember who I 'really' am, even when I don't.
6. You let me use your house as a retreat when things are rough (enough said)
7. You think I'm fabulous.

Love you


Suzanne said...

There's some inspiration for me to get the desk cleaned off and organized. Actually I have TWO messy desks.

About the 7 things -
#1 - Gosh, I don't think I've ever ordered room service. Gotta do that. A personal chef would be insanely great!
#2 - I'd want you along during an emergency.
#3 - A woman that knows her way around a weapon! Woo Hoo!
#4 - And you shouldn't. Those of us who were in the women's movement from the beginning fought so that you and other women could have a choice. And for me it was all about choice.
#5 - HA HA HA HA HA. Your poor parents!
#6 - Nicknames can be evil. It's apparent you were indeared by yours. Good.
#7 - This is huge in the scheme of things. My friend had a horrible personal tragedy last year and recently a clerk at the grocery store acknowledged her with some kind and gentle words. These gestures can mean everything to a person and you never know the ripple effects of your kindnesses.

Anonymous said...

What an interesting mixture of things!!! Thanks for the comments on my blog by the way. Visit anytime.

Samantha G.

Sabina said...

Thanks so much Suzanne. I so enjoy your writings. Thanks for the comment!!!

Sabina said...

How about 7 things about you...

1. You are so cool and fab and the only person who's sense of fashion and style that challenges my own opinion.

2. Your big pouty lips in all your baby pictures!! Priceless!!

3. You were my first best friend (enough said).

4. You amaze me and always have even if things haven't always gone your way.

5. Even though we are completely different - we are completely alike.

6. Your artistic talent with a spray can all over our garage!!

7. You can do anything babe!!! Your talent abounds!!!

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