Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Strawberry Pincushions

These are so cute and this will make a great project for my Girl Scout Troop. I am the troop leader of 7 wonderful exuberant girls ages 8 - 10 (one being my 9 year old daughter). I can still remember my first sewing projects when I was a girl in scouts. I still have the pin cushion I made (which I still use) and the dishcloth bag with my name (S A B I N A - D E S H A Z O) embroidered on it. I had so much fun learning those basic stitches. I hope my girls can take away the same experiences I had and the many skills I learned that carried me a long way in life. How to build a fire - how to use a compass - sewing and crafting - not to mention the value of a friend and teamwork. The truth is though - they have given me more than I can ever give them.
Tools and Materials -

Fabric and ribbon remnants
Sewing machine
Needle and thread
Fine sand or emery#3 pearl-cotton thread or felt, for berries' tops
6-strand embroidery floss,for seeds
Fabric glue
Strawberry Pincushion How-To
1. Begin by printing out templates. Trace the cone template onto fabric, then cut out the shape. Fold the fabric into a cone shape, right sides facing, and stitch together along one edge, leaving a narrow seam allowance.
2. Sew a loose, even running stitch along the perimeter of the wide opening, which will become the top of the berry. Before cinching the top, place the cone in a small jar or bottle for balance, and fill it with sand or emery, which will keep pins sharp. Pull the thread taut, and stitch the top closed.
3. For the strawberry's top, trace the cap template onto a piece of felt, cut out the shape, and affix it in place with a drop of glue; then sew along the edges with a slip stitch. Or, create leaves by sewing long stem stitches onto the strawberry using the pearl-cotton thread, leaving a loop of floss at the top for a handle. Embroider seeds onto berry using embroidery floss with a single stitch or a French-knot stitch._

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Suzanne said...

Omigosh - those are so cute. I think I've certainly got the makings somewhere in my studio. So this is the project tonight! Thanks so much.

Helen said...

Darling...I cannot wait to make them with my daughter.

love.boxes said...

I got two of these as a gift from my aunt last Valentines day! I love them, they are my favorite little pin cushions!

Jen@The Cottage Nest said...

I love this project! I'm saving it in my to file. Thanks!

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