Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Getting Organized

For me the 1st of the year means - time to get organized - and with seven people living under one roof this is a must in our home. I love this medicine cabinet idea from Martha Stewart.

Make the most of a tight space with these easy tricks. Have galvanized metal cut to fit the back of the cabinet and inside the door. Adhere metal with caulk. (If your mirror has clips, loosen them, and slide the metal behind them.) Attach magnetized hooks, a notepad holder for brushes and combs, and spice canisters for hair elastics and barrettes. Group like items in votive holders and small acrylic boxes; double surface space with acrylic risers.

Here is a helpful video, once again courtesy of Martha, on organizing tips for the bathroom.


Lisa said...

Yes, organization is going to be my operative word this year.

Come to think of it, it's actually my operative word every year. But this year I mean it-lol.

Happy New Year!

Suzanne said...

Oh, I love that cabinet. I looks like it's from an old doctor's office. I'm putting that pedestal sink in my basement powder room and I'm definitely going to hunt for one of those cabinets.

love.boxes said...

Beautiful cabinets and cupboards are the only thing that I get jealous of in life. I just can't seem to do it.. I have too much junk I guess. That is just a lovely photo.. a dream cabinet.

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