Thursday, July 28, 2011

Is White A Color?

The answers are many and conflicting.
It depends upon whom you ask. Scientists consider black to be the absence of color and white to be the presence of all colors. Fine artists, on the other hand, believe the complete reverse: white is the absence of color.
I asked my three youngest children if white was a color and my 7 year old son just pointed to a cloud and said with complete confidence, "There it is."
Whatever the case - I love the "COLOR" white!!



(Photos Courtesy of Jupiter Images and Zappos)----{A Re-Post From 4/30/08}


Jen@The Cottage Nest said...

Love the color white too! These pics are so fresh and clean and make me feel serene!

love.boxes said...

Even though I'm an artist.. I prefer the scientific explanation. I like to think there is a rainbow in white.. which has a luminous quality that gives you a quiet joy and peace. I love white.

Beautiful post.. what a pretty bird. :)

Sabina said...

Maybe it is the serenity in white that I love so much. I also love the concept of all the colors blending into one pure perfect white light.

Thanks for the comments!!

Glenda said...

I always knew white and black as shades, not colors. In art class we were always told that. So I guess you could say they are the shades of all colors.


M.KATE said...

dear Sabina, i love all the white photos, but most of all, i love your son's answer, it's the purest and beautiful answer. That cake sure looks good to me. have a wonderful weekenend, hugs :)

Mya said...

I don't know what the answer is but I love white, it is so rich. That bird picture is to die for beautiful!

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Oh these are beautiful and your header is lovely - so serene. Love your intro story - it warms my heart. You're a good woman:-)

Lisa said...

Yes, I agree white is a color, there ar soooo many different shades, how could it not be?
Coastal nest

Fit By 2009 said...

White is my favorite color too...for both the artistic and scientific explanations. I am also an artist (just like just.boxes) but see it as the "completion" of colors. :)

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