Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday's Photos - Bathroom Re-Model Inspiration


It was suppose to be Friday's Photos - I know - but with summer here and the kids out of school, I've happily lost all sense of what day of the week it is. And if it were not for the sun and moon, I would lose all sense of time as well -- happily (lol).
'm currently trying to gather inspiration, as I mull over color & decor, for a much needed bathroom re-model. Our hall bathroom needs new paint, new fixtures, and a little tweak here and there. Our home was built in the early 1950's and has the {lovely} original tile {soft salmon pink} and {white} vanity. It is a comfortable sized bathroom, with a tub/shower and wooden lift windows {that still operate with one swift "swoosh" up & down} and "separate and somewhat sizable" toilet room or water closet, also with a window. This as it turns out - is a wonderful feature in a big family!!
The {one and only} family that bought and owned this property previous to us, had this home custom built and made sure that there were many "special extras" hidden inside this {unassuming} suburban home. Even the placement and number of windows and room
s were specially designed for light and season. They {Alfred and Bernice} raised their family within the very same walls we {Mark and Sabina} are raising ours. They grew old together and died one year apart. We were lucky to meet one of their daughters when we came to collect the keys to the house. She laughingly told us that she was conceived within these walls! It was important for her to meet us and wanted to convey to the next owners how hard it had been for them to sell their family home. It held all their memories of childhood and happy times with their mother and father. She told us that they had hoped a family would buy it and fill it with new childhood and family memories. Which is exactly what we have been happily doing for the past 17 years!!
I often thin
k of Bernice when I'm standing over my beautiful-old Wedgewood oven, and how she must have done the same so many times. I also wonder who will be standing here when I'm long gone. I hope they love this home as much as they/we -- did/do. I also hope they have fun remodeling the hall bathroom!
Happy Monday!!


- Brian J. McCarthry..................................................................................................................-

-Martha Stewart


Dancing Branflake said...

Wow! Talk about if these walls could talk! What a wonderful couple you are following. Such history and love.

Meg the Wild Child said...

Oh Sabina, that was the SWEETEST post - I just loved it :) I loved the story of Alfred & Bernice, and that you and your wonderful family are following in their footsteps and loving their/your home and raising your family just as they did. Just think of all the amazing memories between their family and yours - LOVELY!

And of COURSE, I loved all the beautiful pink inspiration!


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